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We provide at no extra cost Professional Music Awareness Classes, Reading Buddy Program with Willow Glen Middle School, Strong Academics, Montessori, Hands on Science and Creative Activities, Bilingual and Spanish Immersion. We include healthy and nutritious snacks and lunch, and optional breakfast for your convenience. Potty Training available.


First Discoveries Christian Preschool offers an innovative, individualized approach towards learning. Each child develops at their own rate, and so early education should address each child where they are at every day and provide multiple opportunities to grow and succeed. We offer a rich, extensive curriculum that fosters within the child a love for learning at an early age. Our program allows children to grow in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual development. The environment we offer is safe, active and collaborative in nature to motivate the child to play an important role in their own education. Our teachers are both warm and supportive, while allowing each child to become independent and confident to make their own choices. It is our goal to help foster child interaction, individuality, independence, discovery, and exploration of ideas.

We have been blessed this past few years with many wonderful children that have thrived and grown in our care. Every day we provide multiple opportunities for them to succeed. Working with parents as a team and supporting their family values is an essential part of the process. Below are some of their comments:

Thank you for all you do to care so beautifully for all our kids. I am so glad our 3 boys got to experience the love of Christ and love for eachother at First Discoveries. Everyone there has made a big impact on our lives. We are so greatful and blessed for all you have done through this preschool program.  --B&BM

Thank you so much for being such wonderful teachers and making learning so fun!! The educational and spiritual knowledge you taught my son has helped him build a solid foundation to go forward and succeed in life! We love you!  --LK

I have been so fortunate to be able to be a working mom not having to worry about how my daughter is being cared for. My husband and I both feel that we found the best possible place for our daughter to learn all the skills necessary to be a strong, compassionate and beautiful soul in First Discoveries and we thank you for that!  --J&NN

What a journey! Thank you for helping our son get prepared for kindergarten. It has been a blessing to be part of First Discoveries these past 2 years. He will surely miss his time here and all the dear friends he has made.  --RS

First Discoveries has become such an important part of our lives. Thank you for providing such loving care for our son. I confidently and happily drop him off twice a week and he is always smiling when I pick him up!   --CM

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you again for all of the ways you and the other teachers made our son feel special, especially on his last day at school. We found a wonderful Christian preschool here, and our son has adjusted really well. He is right on track, thanks to you! First Discoveries was the absolute best thing about our life in San Jose and I'll miss driving up to that little school and seeing all the happy faces! You are doing amazing work and we are so grateful for you all.  --KM, after moving to another state.

 just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for making a positive difference in our lives. Your school and your mission have truly been a blessing to our family. I can see the progress that my children have been making since the start of school and I am impressed. I have told many friends w/little ones how happy we are at First Discoveries. Some of my favorite things: the great artwork that comes home (I especially love the "faith fish"), the low ratio of children to staff, the nutritious meals, the Spanish we are learning, the varied and well-planned activities, the pictures (I LOVE the dvd -- thank you!), and of course, most importantly, all the love and patience you give my children.   --CS

Overall, my husband and I are very delighted and satisfied with how our son is cared for and taught by First Discoveries. This is the first time our son is cared for by another group of people outside of his mother and father. We deeply appreciate the small ratio, intimate personal, and affectionate environment in which our Son learns. I believe that it is this kind of environment which allows my son to learn best and is the reason he is so excited to attend First Discoveries. He returns home each day very happy, adjusted, and tired. He always wants to attend ESCUELA. We are so relieved to feel as though we pass along our son to another family in our absence. Our son demonstrates new skills he learns from school such as recognizing his name, singing the days of the week in Spanish, recognizing the alphabet, and cherishing the beautiful plant he made at school that has now blossomed greatly. First Discoveries has certainly met our expectations, if not exceeded them! Thank you!   --TB

Thanks for being so welcoming, accommodating and understanding. I was happy to leave our son in your care every day for 2 years because I knew he was loved and nurtured there. We'll miss the warmth and peacefulness of "First Discoveries". Thank you for cultivating and helping our son grow from toddler to a smart little boy. May your school continue to be a blessing for many! --DM

The girls have had so much fun and learned so much. You have all been a blessing to our family.  --TK
"Thank you" seems like a silly thing to say. You have not only taken such good care of both our boys, and created a solid foundation for their future of learning, but you have also helped me with advice and guidance on how i can best care for them. The kindness, caring and lessons we leave from your school with are invaluable. Please know how much we appreciate you and your teachers. We would not have survived without you all these years. Thank you. --CD at graduation

hank you so much for a wonderful year at the school. Both my sons love it there so much! They learned to play well, pray, give thanks, and be thoughtful of others. They've changed for the better since attending the school. Thank you or taking great care of them. They have thrived into young, confident and caring boys. They love all their teachers and speak of them all the time. With love,  --T&EJ

We are so thankful for YOU! Every day when our son comes home, he has some wonderful things to say about how LOVING one of his teachers has been that day and how much he is LEARNING. We feel very blessed, knowing that when we leave our son at school, he is not only gaining an education, but he is learning about the Love of Christ though all of you. Thank you!  --DSF

You have created such a wonderful environment to nurture the children. We have seen our son grow, not only in size (and he has grown...), but as a person. This is due to the teachers and yourselves. The teachers have encouraged his imagination and his thirst for knowledge, as a result he has come to love learning. We can't thank you enough!  --R&CO

Thank you so much for your work with my son this year! He learned so much. We were really impressed by the number of things he told us when he would come home. We were especially glad for all of the Bible stories he learned about during his time with you. He really enjoyed his time with you and we are so thankful for you!  --B&AB

I love your testimony and the story of how the Lord has been faithful. What’s also interesting is how the Lord was at work in the lives of the parents who now bring their kids to the school. After I became a mom and started to think about preschool, I ideally wanted to find a Christian preschool that had a Spanish immersion program. And you were starting just the place. I had driven by the school many times and who knew this would end up being our son's school? It’s also interesting that the very week when I knew we were going to have to find a preschool for our son (because of a work situation), First Discoveries was holding an open house. I attended the open house that Saturday and something about your school felt right from the start. I visited other schools and prayed about our decision and it was as if the Lord was using our son to literally tell me, this is the answer to your prayers…he kept on talking about the “escuelita!” “escuelita!”  And now here we are.   --AC

I thank God for you both. I'm so grateful for your faith and obedience and the blessing you are sharing with my daughter. Rose, my family happened upon your school because of our meeting at the post office...First Discoveries is exactly what I had been praying about. Congratulations on your 1st year. Thanks be to Jesus, the One and Only! May the Lord protect, guide, and bless you and First Discoveries.   --MR

Thank You for making FDCP such a wonderful place for me to leave my kids! You are all a huge blessing and I pray that God will bless the works of your hands in the years to come. May He give you wisdom and discernment with every child you take care of and may God protect and bless all of you exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think! --KN

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher and making learning so fun!! The educational and spiritual knowledge you taught our son has helped him build a solid foundation to go forward and succeed in life. --KK

Thank you so much for all you do in running the preschool and providing a safe and fun learning environment. We are so grateful for you and First Discoveries. Thank you for helping my son learn and grow over these last 3 years and all you continue to do for our youngest son now. We appreciate you!  --SW

Thank you so much for working with our son. We really appreciated all your help in helping him grow. We realize the positive impact you had on him & can't thank you enough. Thank you for taking care of him these years. He loved practicing music with you. First Discoveries is the best and you are wonderful!  --CD

Thank you for all your hard work over the summer. My son had a fantastic summer! He had a blast and loved everything you guys planned. I know all the work and prep that goes into each theme and it all showed in the smile on his face each day.  --JZ

I am so glad we found your school! I have been so happy with her experience. I appreciate the consistency of the teachers, the care they have for the children. I am so thankful for the hot lunches and vegetarian accommodations. My daughter loves all her teachers. Thank you!  --JM

We are so happy we found you this year! Our son has really enjoyed preschool at First Discoveries. You've provided him with a safe and happy environment, helped him to foster new friendships and shown him that learning is fun - which is so very important. Thank you all, we truly appreciate you! --  CF

hank you for all you do to make preschool such a rewarding experience for the kids. We will always be grateful.  --BF

hank you for another year at preschool! We really appreciate all you do for our sons!  --C&SW

You have been incredibly amazing in keeping the school so organized, safe and most of all fun for our little girl. She truly enjoys & loves school & none of it would be possible without you! You are truly appreciated!  --MN

e are so grateful to have you in our lives. First Discoveries is exactly whee or son needs to be right now. He loves going to school and he loves all of you. Than you for making his first school experience such an amazing one. You are all wonderful!

My husband and I are very pleased with our daughter's first school experience. She enjoys going to school and everything seems to be going smoothly. We thank you and all your staff for the hard work and dedication to care for our children. We are all very blessed.  --BP

We have had a wonderful experience at First Discoveries. I so appreciate the fact that it is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled environment where I know my kids are learning and being educated in a loving, positive environment that is creative and exciting for them. I feel at peace leaving them there and they've loved it! As my son is about to graduate and the last of my "litter" moves through First Discoveries, I just wanted to once again -thank you so much for creating a wonderful experience for my kids and for our family. You have become such a part of my life, it is really quite emotional to leave! I wanted to pray with you that God continues to bless you as you endeavour to bless the kids that are entrusted to you. I pray that the spiritual atmosphere that you create will lay a solid foundation for many many kids! You two are precious women and a wonderful team!!! Love you guys!  --KN

I wanted to tell you that I picked up my son early last Friday and I got there just as everyone had sat down to lunch. It was just wonderful to see how the teachers were sitting with the kids and everyone was SO well behaved and quiet and polite.  I left feeling so grateful that we have our son in such an awesome school. The loving environment there is such a blessing in our life. We couldn't be happier with First Discoveries. --CD

We are so grateful for you and this wonderful school! We value your care and instruction inmensly! Thank you!  --S&MW

"Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path."   Psalm 119:105

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